DriveBelt-911 Masterlink for your Drive Belt

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DriveBelt-911 Masterlink for your Drive Belt

Although our parts are manufactured in the USA, DriveBelt-911 is sold around the World! DriveBelt-911 is the Masterlink for your Drive Belt and is a necessity when on the open road, order yours today!

Inventor's Biography

Ricky Grimm is the inventor and patent holder of the biker's best friend, DriveBelt-911 Masterlink Repair Clip. Ricky is a biker himself and President of the Navarro County Cossacks Motor Cycle Club who's motto is "Always ready - Always in the wind." Ricky's company manufactures EMERGENCY DRIVE BELT REPAIR CLIPS

that will temporarily repair a broken drive belt so a motor cycle rider can get to the nearest repair shop. Our website operations started on October 3, 2011 focused at the international market of motorcycle riders who own a Harley Davidson belt drive motorcycle. Our repair clip is the only one of it's kind offered in the 41 years of production made belt drive motorcycles.

DriveBelt-911 offers a buy back policy on our Emergency Drive Belt Repair Clip to our distributors along with an investment package that tops most investment offers on the internet market today. The creation of this repair clip evolved when the Ricky's motor cycle drive belt broke in Houston Texas leaving him stranded for hours on the side of the road. This inexpensive repair clip needs to be in every riders saddlebag, and does not require any mechanical experience to install and repair a broken belt.

Many people thought Ricky's idea of motorcycle repair clip seemed as risky as riding bikes. His passion for motorcycles along with his partners with an intuitive understanding of the Internet, DriveBelt-911 was born. the business moved out of the attic and immersed itself into the Texas economy with a warehouse, corporate office and competitive retail outlet. Within a few short years, a rapidly growing customer base necessitated a separate facility to house the growing enterprise.